5 Essentials to bring on African safari

see cheetah on safari in kruger park
There are many packing lists for African Safaris and there are essentials, which make sure you feel comfortable and happy. They also ensure you pack weight wise with regards to your light aircraft transfers. And for emergencies the safari camps offer laundry service, mostly ready on the same day.

Bring one pair of
closed shoes you are very comfortable with, light and easy drying. Sneakers are fine or light walking shoes. You don’t need mountain boots on safari.

Bring a
light rain jacket. This is comfortable of course when it rains, but also for wind. It can get chilly on open game drive vehicles and it helps a lot when you have a light jacket to break the wind.

Bring a
fleece jersey. They are very light, dry very quickly and are cozy and comfortable when you feel a bit cold or very cold. Even in summer it gets chilly after rain and in winter they are just great.

outdoor trousers rather than jeans. In the hot and humid summer the jeans will be much too warm and uncomfortable on the game drives. Outdoor trousers are the best and work well in winter with warm underwear.

one fast camera and lens you can use for everything. Changing lenses or having several cameras with you can become stressful on game drives. Don’t end up being too busy with your photo gear and missing wildlife and nature around you.

These essentials might sound obvious, but one can get lost when packing for an
African safari. Keep it simple, light and practical. Have items, that combined are suitable for all situations you might encounter on safari. Don’t worry about fashion, hairdryer or makeup. That will cause only stress and will not make any difference to the bush and the Big Five.

Happy safari travel!