Simple and Easy World Language Images

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There have been many attempts to find a world language everyone is speaking to make communication easy around the world. But none could really make it, because they were again words and grammar and spelling and our mind got already enough to digest every day. Will images be the solution and the future world language? Or maybe they are already. When we want to tell the family how our holiday was we post pictures onto the social networks and all our friends around the world will understand too that we had a great holiday, although they do not speak Spanish or French or Chinese.
Imagine a future scenario. School children have all access to the Internet and learn math through online platforms together with all children anywhere in the world. They communicate through images and teachers in the classrooms guide them through the process of learning in their own traditional language. They grow up bilingual, their traditional language and the “image language”, which actually nobody has to learn; it’s already there. It could be that they all wear
Google Augmented Glasses and just look at a formula or an object and a whole bunch of children from China, Kenya, America and Portugal try together to solve the math problem. Or somebody wants to share what bothers him/her and does that with an image. Somebody else 10,000 km away sees the image and answers back with an image as consolation and support. The first person looks at it and is touched to tears, happy and grateful, sending back a thank you image. All without words, grammar and spelling, it’s all in the picture. We just need to use it consciously as a communication tool and not only for great travel offers, but for essential human communication to conquer globalization and growth. It’s time for innovation and it looks like the people are ready for it, only the technology needs to catch up.
Happy chatting or will we call it imaging?

Ute Sonnenberg,