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ePhoto Book: Roma

wildlife photography courses Kenya Tanzania south Africa Botswana roma ebook

There is a new pope, pope Francis, and he resides in Rome. Well, the photo book was made long before the new pope came, but it just gives a glimpse into the city’s life.

The photos were taken during a
photography course in November with the warm Roman winter light, masses of people on the streets and the historical symbols of the city.

Enjoy beautiful Rome.

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ePhoto Book: Sensation

wildlife photography courses Kenya Tanzania south Africa Botswana sensation ebook

The Okavango Delta in Botswana is one of the most beautiful destinations for photographic safaris. The light is just sensational and even with an entry level photography equipment one can take the most amazing pictures.

Images from photo safaris to the Okavango Delta can always be identified easily, the light is different from any other place and photographers heaven.

The images of this book were not taken during a photography course, just when traveling for photo fun to the delta.

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ePhoto Book: El Sentimiento

wildlife photography courses Kenya Tanzania south Africa Botswana sentimiento ebook

Spain is a beautiful country and Andalusia is magic. It is a place of great emotions, history, nature, people, beauty and horses. Traveling for photography is such an amazing experience. It gets to the photographer and to the subject as well and it creates memorable images of special journeys.

El Sentimiento is a photo book about Andalusia, a journey to special places.

Enjoy! View the book

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ePhoto Book: L'Amour Provence

wildlife photography courses Kenya Tanzania south Africa Botswana lamour ebook

The Provence is probably the most beautiful part of France.
Enjoy a
photographic journey through this intriguing region of stunning nature, traditions, people and the horses of the Camargue.

Be inspired. View the book

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ePhoto Book: App Art

wildlife photography courses Kenya Tanzania south Africa Botswana appart ebook

Photography has become something for every day with the cell phone camera always with us, and a variety of photo apps at hand. The great filters of the photo apps give a boost to creativity and allow easy playing with artistic photography. No photography course needed, only the creative flow and there you are, creating art on the go.

App Art is a selection of app images, even from a wildlife sanctuary in Nairobi. View and download

Happy snapping!

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How to Learn from Sting

wildlife photography courses Kenya Tanzania south Africa Botswana sting

How do you create albums and photo books? How do you choose an image from a whole lot of photographs? How do you choose a photography course or art class out of the broad spectrum of choices? How do you choose your travel destination for your holiday?

I might sound far fetched to through together photo books, albums, photographs, holidays and photo courses, but they got one thing in common, the question how you start creating or making a choice. It is in essence the same intuitive process no matter if you are creating a photo book, a holiday, choosing a course or a photographic safari, your intuition makes the choice and takes the lead. And this creative process often includes a technique called semantic intuition, a brain storm technique.

Sting said in an interview that the song title comes first and then he writes the song and so do more famous writers as you can read below:

“The oddly named, but extraordinarily powerful technique was invented by Helmut Schlicksupp, an employee of the Battelle Corporation’s office in Germany. Semantic intuition is a word-combination technique where brainstormers name an idea first, and then try to figure out what the new idea might be, given its name. As counterintuitive or even as impossible as this group idea-generating strategy might sound, there’s actually a precedent for it in the creative arts.
It was in an interview with Larry King many years ago that Sting revealed that he will often get a title for a song first, and then he will go ahead and write the song
. Neil Simon, in his second autobiography, revealed that he came up with the name for the play The Odd Couple first, and then wrote the play. And legendary screenwriter William Goldman adopted a similar name-it-first creative strategy when he asked his younger daughter what she wanted him to write a story about. She said “a Princess.” Then he asked his older daughter what she would like him to write a story about. She said, “a bride.” He put them together, and we got his novel--and then the movie--The Princess Bride.”
(read full article from Fast Company

Does that sound familiar to you? Don’t you have an idea for a
photo book first and maybe even the title and then you start choosing the images and layout?

Think about it. Maybe you are very strong in semantic intuition. Use your strength and create amazing art.

Enjoy your intuition!

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ePhoto Book: Contrast - The Light of Darkness

wildlife photography courses Kenya Tanzania south Africa Botswana contrast ebook

Photographic safaris bring you to the most beautiful wildlife destinations in Africa. Their beauty is striking and they teach the visitors not only about wildlife and nature, they also teach about light and contrast and sometimes light and contrast are mirrored in what the bush and the animals are experiencing through life and death.

Contrast makes us see and is what makes a photograph striking.

View & download the ephoto book

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