Photo Gift Hunting made Easy: Xmas Last Minute Specials

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In case you don’t have all the Christmas presents yet and the cameras and electronic gadgets were just too expensive, then your time has come now.

You can purchase the Nikon D600 with 24-85mm lens now for under USD 2,000. Check it out on
Amazon, B&H Photo or Adorama.

And an event that is just right before Christmas visit the Amazon 48 hours
Overstock Event and get great deals.

Happy gift hunting!

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Send Love for Christmas

wildlife photography courses Kenya Tanzania south Africa Botswana xmas

With Black Friday just behind us and Cyber Monday still in full swing it might be a good idea to think of the essence of giving. Isn’t it all about love?

Well, if we can make somebody very happy with a new set of coasters or the newest electronic gadgets, just do it. Yet there is a way to send love in a more intimate and lasting way. Send your images as a loving Christmas card.

Use for example the marketing tool
Mailchimp for your very private Christmas cards to family and friends. Mailchimp is usually used by companies for their email marketing, but of course it can be used for anything else. It is for free, offers plenty of customizable templates and you can import your email address list and send it out at once to all. You can create your own Christmas card with your own photographs, sending the message you want your friends and family to receive in a stunning design. It is a great tool to express your creativity and love at this magical time of the year.

If you wish to employ somebody else’s design abilities, a very good place to go are the
Jacquie Lawson e-cards. It is not possible to integrate your own images, but the design and animations of the cards are truly lovely and touching. It costs only a bit to join this website, but its worth it. They offer for all sorts of occasions really loveable cards.

And of course there are still the probably most desirable real hand made cards with hand cut
pictures, ribbons and hand written words. Nothing can beat that. They are treasures, kept forever in lovely boxes to be unearthed years later to remember the moment of received love.

Send your love too!

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Wantful Christmas Presents

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Wantful, isn’t this a wonderful word? It doesn’t exist officially, but it should.

The word reflects our desire to want something in a gentle way. Its not that rough “I want it and I’ll get it no matter what”, it’s the gentle desire of something very beautiful and precious, like for example great design, amazing art, fabulous quality or impressive craftsmanship.

When you look at your
photographs do they feel wantful? Try it and make a Wantful Catalog your loved ones can choose from for their Christmas presents. Of course you can include also all the other things you make and that are wnatful to others. Just make it as an online catalog and send it around to your friends and family and see how their wantfulness emerges.

Happy wantful gift giving!

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