19 February 2012

Two becomes One

team building photographic safari south africa two brothers

It might look like a cheetah with two heads, but its not. These two brothers are so tuned in that the image shows exactly their relationship. We were lucky to follow them during our two days stay and it seemed they were part of our program, a photography team building session where the team of executives learned a lot from the cheetahs.
The two brothers were roaming the marsh for potential food. When standing on a termite mount they would look in opposite directions, each of them scanning the area. When resting, one would watch out and the other one would rest. And then they saw a reed buck. Their "hunting program" just rolled out. They positioned themselves in a way that the buck had no chance to escape and then one just hit the buck form the side and the other finished it. It was precision work and very impressive. Also the feeding process was impressive. One fed and the other one was on the watch out until they changed positions and the brother would feed with the other scanning the area.
They were one with their hearts and minds and almost one with their bodies too.