13 April 2014

Want African photographic safari in South Africa?


For all photography lovers South Africa offers a great variety of photographic opportunities, with and without wildlife.

But of course a photographic safari with amazing Big Five sightings is what a photography enthusiast is looking forward to when going on
African safari in South Africa. Kruger Park should be on top of the list with its outstanding sightings and the vastness of the park. For the best experience one should consider private game reserves as they offer the best conditions for great wildlife photography.

Additional good safari experiences offer game reserves in Kwazulu Natal and the Easter Cape, but Kruger is “wilder” and more the original bush experience. However a game reserve like Phinda, that was in the past a pineapple plantation, is not an excellent safari destination to see cheetah and black rhino.

For those who want to extend the photography beyond wildlife the Garden Route and the Cape offer plenty of fantastic photographic opportunities for landscapes, people and even architecture.

The great diversity of South Africa makes sure that one goes home with an amazing treasure of pictures.

Enjoy photographing South Africa!

Ute Sonnenberg for Roho Ya Chui, Travel Africa
Image: Londolozi Private Game Reserve

Why Tanzania is a top-rated African photographic safari destination


Tanzania is the home of the Serengeti, the mother of all savannahs with its endless plains and abundance of wildlife. It is the place where the Great Migration happens for about three quarter of the year and where the wildebeest give birth to thousands of young ones every year before they months later move into the Masai Mara, famous for the dramatic crossings of the Mara River.

But there is more than the big herds of the migration that makes Tanzania so attractive for
African photographic safaris. The vast landscapes, the wildlife rich national parks of the northern circuit and of the off the beaten track southern parks and not to forget the magical Ngorongoro Crater.

And if this is not enough the beaches of the coast and Zanzibar provide even more photographic opportunities of lush vegetation, amazing landscapes and colorful culture.

Ideal would be to travel at least for two weeks to get a bit of everything, but the northern safari circuit can be seen pretty well within a week and is heaven for wildlife photography enthusiasts.

Happy photography safari travelling!

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Image: Faru Faru, Singita

Featured African safari tour: Cheetah & Big Five Kruger


The ideal wildlife areas for excellent Big Five sightings and cheetah sightings are Kruger Park and Phinda Private Game Reserve in South Africa. Phinda is “cheetah land” and more with its ancient sand forest, mountains and close proximity to the Indian Ocean. These two outstanding African safari destinations are combined in this safari tour and offer an exceptional experience.

The detailed itinerary can be viewed and downloaded

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African safari hotspot Luangwa in Zambia


Learn about the Luangwa Valley in Zambia as a hotspot for leopard and wild dog sightings on African safari.

Travel writer Brian Jackman takes you to this special place of adventure, great nature and amazing wildlife.

Read the article

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Want African Photographic Safaris with Cheetahs?


Cheetahs are not part of the Big Five, but they are beautiful animals and great photographic subjects. If you specifically want to see and photograph cheetah during your African safari, you should carefully plan where to go to be sure to see them.

Open savanna and bushveld are the preferred areas for cheetah. They provide the best conditions for their hunt as high-speed predators. Prime wildlife destinations like the Masai Mara in Kenya, the Serengeti in Tanzania and other areas with open plains are ideal to watch and photograph these amazing animals. Otherwise excellent areas like the Sabi Sand in Kruger, South Africa, offer only in their northern part the possibility to see cheetahs. Plan carefully where to stay in these areas to not be disappointed. Often camp and lodge websites provide information on the wildlife that can be seen. Some have a blog on the wildlife sightings, which give a good idea what to expect. Also ask specialized tour operators for advice.

An excellent option to see and photograph cheetah in South Africa is Phinda Private Game Reserve. It might feel a bit out of the way as it is not in Kruger, but it offers great sightings.

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Why Uganda is great for African photographic safaris


When safari travellers hear Uganda, most likely the mountain gorillas and chimpanzees come first to mind. The country offers plenty of opportunities to photograph these magical animals while trekking through the rain forest.

But Uganda is more than that.
African photographic safaris in Uganda mean also breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, the Big Fife in not crowded national parks, lush vegetation with great birdlife, stunning views and volcanoes. The colors are rich and a flight over the Queen Elizabeth National Park at sunset is an utterly amazing photographic moment.

Uganda has a lot to offer and it is not as busy as a Masai Mara. This leaves room for the individual discoverer feeling and great wildlife and nature photography. It is a great place to visit for all photography enthusiasts.

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How to create a perfect African photographic safari in Botswana


The Okavango Delta in Botswana is probably the best African photographic safari destination. Not only the Big Five sightings are outstanding, but especially the crisp and clear light makes it easy to get fantastic pictures. The combination of water with mineral rich soil and the African sun creates a perfect environment for wildlife photography enthusiasts.

There are several ways to plan a
photographic safari in Botswana. Keep in mind that you want to do photography and that too many fellow travellers on the game drive vehicle will make this difficult. Choose either a self-drive option (or 4x4 with driver/guide) to have your own private vehicle or choose lodges and camps that allow not more than 6 guests on the vehicle. If finance is no obstacle book a private vehicle at the best camps in the best areas. Otherwise self-drive or drive with driver/guide can be combined with camping as the jeeps can be booked with rooftop tents. That lowers the costs substantially.

However, plan with the best light in mind and the best wildlife areas to avoid disappointment. Inquire about practical things like what to bring camera wise and what to wear to have all you need with you, but not too much.

Talking only about the Okavango Delta does not mean the other regions of Botswana are not beautiful and great for photography. Only the delta offers the best light for crisp and clear wildlife photos, one wishes to take home.

Ute Sonnenberg for Roho Ya Chui, Travel Africa