02 November 2014

Cancellation policy in the unlikely event of Ebola

Although our operations are in Southern and East Africa and thousands of kilometers away from the Ebola affected areas of Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia the appeal for financial protection in the unlikely event of Ebola at any of our safari destinations can now be met.

About 90 % of the outfitters we use for our African safari tours are offering a revised cancellation policy in the event of Ebola, which enables us to refund our guests within the policy of our suppliers. The revised policy will apply to existing and new bookings. A refund will be made based on the outfitters terms, conditions and definitions in the revised cancellation policy.

The exact conditions of each outfitters policy differ, however; in general the amended cancellation policies will be enacted if:

A. The World Health Organization declares an Ebola outbreak in the safari country and for the period a client would visit.

B. The US, or one of the larger European countries, issues a level 3 travel warning against all but essential travel.

Cancellation fees are waived if the amended policy is enacted. Some offer a full refund and others the option to postpone a trip at no extra cost. Others offer both. They all strongly advise an adequate travel and cancellation insurance cover, some require it. In the unlikely event of an outbreak, clients are required to issue a claim with their insurance company first. Most outfitters will refund the difference between the refund received from the insurance company and the amount paid. In the event the insurance company does not cover the costs, some will refund the full payment and some will offer a credit to be used for travel in the future.

Roho Ya Chui will offer the same Ebola related cancellation terms as our outfitters. We strive to be able to issue full refunds and are negotiating with all our suppliers to adopt the revised cancellation policy of the outfitters that have taken this step already. Guests are welcome to ask any questions and advise on the subject. Information on the detailed cancellation policy per supplier within a tour is available. Refunds to our guests will be processed as soon as the refund from the outfitter has been received.

We strongly advise, that guests obtain comprehensive travel insurance with the optional upgrade in place, allowing cancellation of travel for any reason.

The revised cancellation policy per outfitter is available to view and download

Ute Sonnenberg for Roho Ya Chui

top Tanzania African safari tour: Bush & Coast

Most of the African safari holidays are a combination of safari and beach time to experience both, the adventurous wildlife part and the laid-back beach resort part. The Tanzania itinerary Bush & Coast is an unusual example of such a combination of safari and beach. It combines the Serengeti and Saadani, which is by itself a safari destination with a beach.

Guests will stay for the first 4 days at
Kusini in the Serengeti. This will give time to spot the Big Five and to enjoy extended game drives on the Great Plains of this amazing national park in Tanzania. The camp is at a remote and private location within the Serengeti, offering exceptional and essentially private game viewing.

A light aircraft transfer will bring the guests to their next safari destination right at the beach in
Saadani National Park. Saadani National Park is one of the only remaining protected coastal areas in Africa. The park covers 1100 square kilometers and is the only wildlife sanctuary in Tanzania bordering the
ocean and the only place in East Africa that offers safari and beach in one location.

For those who would like to extend with a few more days on the beach,
Zanzibar is only a very short flight away with many beach resorts to choose from. This 8-day African safari itinerary is an ideal getaway for a short break and with a Zanzibar extension ideal for those with more time on their hands.

View and download the itinerary

Ute Sonnenberg for Roho Ya Chui, Travel Africa