20 July 2014

Featured African safari tour: Best of Kruger and Victoria Falls

Kruger National Park and the Victoria Falls are famous African safari destinations and part of pretty much every southern Africa itinerary. They are relatively close and make an ideal routing for an 8-day safari holiday. The combination of excellent Big Five sightings with the activity rich Victoria Falls offers something for everyone. Direct flights from Kruger Airport to Livingstone are available. That allows guests to enjoy their morning game drive and be at the falls for lunch.

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Ute Sonnenberg for Roho Ya Chui, Travel Africa

Why could Sandibe be the gem of the Okavango Delta?

Sandibe in the Okavango Delta has been under construction for months. The opening was delayed twice and yet guests don’t mind reschedule their booking, just to stay at this new and magical camp.

Sandibe aims to be the leader in terms of cutting-edge design and light sustainable footprint. The weaver bird’s charming nest-building habits and the elusive pangolin’s body armour of scales have been the inspiration for the new building structure, using organic materials such as wood for the major structural design.

The new cottages look almost futuristic, yet entirely in balance with nature. The Okavango Delta has been the gem of Southern Africa and Sandibe might be the gem of the Delta and the must visit camp during
African safaris to Botswana.

The opening is in September 2014 and introductory special rates are available until the end of the year.

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Ute Sonnenberg for Roho Ya Chui, Travel Africa

What to expect from Pafuri in Kruger National Park?

Pafuri is the northern tip of Kruger National Park, where Zimbabwe, Mozambique and South Africa meet, also called “crooks corner”. This part of the park offers beautiful landscapes and magical forests along the river, part of it fever tree forests. Significant are the baobabs, perfect photographic subjects for sunrise and sunset.

The region is in general not as wildlife rich as the southern part of Kruger Park and got on top of that hit by first a drought and then a flood in January 2013, which many animals did not survive. Nonetheless it is worth visiting Pafuri. It is very beautiful and walking trails as part of an
African safari tour can add a special experience. Don’t expect cat sightings like in the Sabi Sand, rather modest sightings and lots of great scenery. The Africa traveller who has seen already lots of cats and Big Five will appreciate the special atmosphere Pafuri offers.

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Ute Sonnenberg for Roho Ya Chui, Travel Africa

Featured African safari tour: Signature Namibia

Vast sand dunes, vast coasts, vast horizons – Namibia is a land of horizons, wide views and endless landscapes. A signature African safari tour Namibia captures the essence of this beautiful country and takes the guests to the best places to be and see. Go on a journey from Sossusvlei over Damaraland, the Skeletoon Coast, Kunene and Etosha and experience the magic. The fly-in safari will offer stunning vistas during light aircraft transfers and during safari activities on the ground. For those who cannot get enough of these exceptional views, a hot air balloon ride might be just it.

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How close can an elephant be?

Many people travelling to Africa dream of being close to the wildlife and one of the most favorite animals is the elephant. The elephant is often imagined as a beautiful, gentle and magical giant, which they are, but they can also be upset, frightened and aggressive. And it is dangerous to be close to a not happy elephant. They are strong and when they show they unhappiness, a human being is smashed easily.

But of course there are also situations when an elephant comes close and offers the
African safari guests a magical moment. And it can be very close, as Alan Murphy experienced on one of his safaris in Zambia.

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How to choose your African photographic safari destination

It can be experienced as overwhelming when trying to find out where to go for the best African photographic safari. There are so many destinations to choose from and each of them has its qualities. First ask yourself what animals you really want to see, as if this would be your only chance to get to Africa. Then investigate which areas are the best to see them, ideally all of them to avoid a travel heavy itinerary, resulting in high transfer costs. But that is not all you should think about. The light is a very important factor. Perhaps the Okavango Delta in Botswana has the best light resulting in crisp, clear and rich colors. The Masai Mara has excellent warm and rich light during the golden hour, but challenging light during the rest of the day, what can lead to flat washed out colors. These two safari destinations have probably the most distinctive light for wildlife photography.

Keep the photographic aspects in mind when choosing the destination and plan your game drive activities accordingly. The ideal situation of clear sky and sun in the early morning or late afternoon makes great golden hours everywhere, but there are some places, that add a bit extra.

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Ute Sonnenberg for Roho Ya Chui, Travel Africa