18 August 2013

Photo Safari Destination Week: Serengeti, Tanzania


The logical step from the Masai Mara is to visit the Serengeti in Tanzania. The Mara is actually the northern part of the Serengeti and only a fraction of this huge national park.

The Serengeti is famous for:

The endless Great Plains
The Great Migration of the big herds
The calving of the wildebeest herds
The Ngorongoro Crater Conservancy as part of the Serengeti
Excellent Big 5 sightings
Great variety of camps and lodges for all budgets
Self-drive possible, easy access by air and road
Great for
wildlife photography
Special location for all
team incentives

Make sure you have at least 4 nights in the Serengeti and choose camps in different parts of the park to see its diversity.

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Image above: Serengeti under canvas

Photo Safari Destination Week: Masai Mara, Kenya


No doubt, the Masai Mara in Kenya is the worlds most famous and best safari destination.

All year round great wildlife sightings
Big 5 and Big Cat sightings, sometimes all cats within one game drive
The Great Migration of the big herds of wildebeest, zebra and gazelle
The dramatic Mara River crossings of the big herds
Fantastic landscapes
Great hot air ballooning for aerial photography
Great variety of camps for all budgets (image above: Kichwa Tembo)
Accessible by air and road, self-drive possible, but recommended to have a guide (navigation in the Mara is not easy)
Can easily be combined with safari in Serengeti

The Masai Mara should be on top of the list for
wildlife photographers. It is the best places for photography courses and team building safaris and fabulous for enjoying nature in a relaxed way.

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Photo Safari Destination Week: Sabi Sand/Kruger, SA


This is the prime safari area of South Africa with the best circumstances for wildlife photography courses, wildlife sightings and all levels of hobby photography.

Best leopard sightings, probably in the world
Excellent Big 5 sightings
Excellent lodges with excellent rangers and trackers
Great safaris “old” style with nowadays comfort (image above: Londolozi Private Game Reserve)
Easy access by air and road, yet no self-drive in the reserves
Photographic equipment for rent available in several lodges
Great flexibility and customized game drives for photographers

The Sabi Sand in Greater Kruger National Park are really the best South Africa has to offer on
safaris. Away form the crowds and right on the first row for the best sightings.

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Photo Safari Destination Week: Kruger Park, South Africa


A great photographic safari destination are the Timbavati in the Greater Kruger National Park. The Timbavati consist of private game reserves and offer excellent wildlife sightings.
Great Big 5 and especially Big Cat sightings
Excellent for
wildlife photography courses and team building incentives
Walking safaris for “on foot” wildlife photography
Ngala Private Game Reserve can be recommended as a WWF property, huge and only with the vehicles of its own two lodges operating on it (image above)
Easy accessible by air and road, self-drive to reserves is possible, but not in the reserves

The advantage of this area is the private character of the game drives and a high diversity of lodges and camps.

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Photo Safari Destination Week: Phinda, South Africa


Next destination on the photographic safari places “must see list” is Phinda in South Africa.

Phinda consists of at least 5 different habitats and is located just behind the sand dunes of the Indian Ocean in the southeast of South Africa. Specialties are:

The very rare sand forest, a forest where fairies seem to live with elephants and big cats.
Great diversity of animals
The Big 5, with especially great cheetah sightings
The possibility to watch turtles laying their eggs
Great birding with the possibility of boat cruises on the river
Different landscapes
And great lodges (see image above)
team building activities
Black rhino tracking
Wildlife photography courses

Phinda was in the past a pineapple plantation and was brought back to be bush more than 20 years ago. The name Phinda means “the return” and the game reserve made indeed a great return to the wild African bush.

It is not the common safari destination, but very worth visiting.

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Photo Safari Destination Week: Sossusvlei, Namibia


This week’s posts will be a “places must see list” for photographic safaris in Africa. The best areas for wildlife photography and at the same time great places to rest, relax and forget the daily hassles at home. Get ready for places to fall in love with.

Sossusvlei in the Namib Desert in Namibia offers:

Mind blowing landscapes,
Great aerial photography with hot air ballooning
Great colors
Not so much wildlife, yet great opportunities to photograph desert adapted animals
Great lodges with stunning views like on the image above (Sossusvlei Desert Lodge)
Great opportunities for
team building activities
Wildlife photography courses

Self-drive is possible, but guided tours are recommended to find the best spots easily and to focus entirely on photography.

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ephoto book: On Virtual Safari


Lean back, get yourself a drink and go on virtual photographic safari. Look out over the Great Plains of the Masai Mara and spot the Big Cats. Get a taste of the bush.

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