04 March 2012


photographic safaris kenya elephant charged

We were on a game drive when encountering a cute and "scary" situation with a baby elephant. The road we were on was in an area with thick bush on both sides. Suddenly we had the classic of "two cars in opposite directions on a one lane bridge". Only that the other "car" was a herd of elephant moving towards us. So the question who will have to reverse was easily answered. Us, of course. We reversed, stopped for a few photos and reversed again. This went on for a while when suddenly a baby elephant of about one meter height decided to test his strength. He ran at us, flapping wildly with his ears, trunk up and forward, he was charging us! That brought him quite far in front of his mother and when he realized, that he was all alone his courage disappeared. He swung around, ran back to his mum and hid under the bellies of the family.
This was so cute, yet it doesn't look promising to encounter him when he is a couple of tons older.