10 August 2014

What to expect from Lake Manyara Tree Lodge?

Lake Manyara is a small national park in Tanzania in close proximity to Tarangire National Park and the Ngorongoro Crater. The park is very pretty with good wildlife sightings and known for its tree-climbing lion. There are a few camps and lodges in the park, but Lake Manyara Tree Lodge is probably the prettiest of them all. African safari itineraries plan usually one night for Lake Manyara, which is enough to see the park, but not enough to enjoy this lovely lodge.

Lake Mayara Tree Lodge comprises of 10 houses, yes houses. Every little house is beautifully open to the mahogany forest it is nestled in, with lots of light and space. It is very tempting to have such a house at home and not only on safari, so comfortable and pretty they are.

The lodge was designed to exert minimal impact on the environment and is situated in the park’s south-western region. Guests are offered an exclusive interpretive safari in a remote, game-rich wilderness. The stilted treehouse suites are “crafted from local timber and makuti palm fronds, boast a sophisticated blend of intimacy and romance, offering privacy and exclusivity in cool, leafy surroundings. Each treehouse suite features generous decks suspended above the forest floor and large windows invite the lush forest inside. The classically elegant bedrooms are fitted with contemporary furnishing in neutral colours and textures, overhead fans and billowing mosquito nets. The bathrooms have freestanding baths with a forest view and an outdoor shower. Overlooking a forest boma, or outdoor dining area, lined with traditional dugout canoes, guest areas are characterised by soaring spaces that house local artworks and tactile fabrics. An interactive kitchen allows guests to observe the preparation of delicious dishes that are enjoyed in the theatrical boma or on the open dining decks, with spectacular forest views.” (andbeyond)

Expect a very special stay at Lake Manyara Tree Lodge and be prepared, that you don’t want to leave and spend more time there. However, the park does not offer that much variety to spend more days with game drives there, which is a pity, because the lodge invites you to spend your entire safari there.

Happy safari travelling!

Ute Sonnenberg for Roho Ya Chui, Travel Africa