29 December 2013

How to get close to elephants

6-how-to-get-close-to elephants

Elephant are for most of us these wonderful lovable animals we would love to get close to and interact with. Who wouldn’t like to hug an elephant?

You can see elephants when you are on holiday in Big Five safari areas, but getting really close to them is not advised when being in the bush. They are big animals and in a mood they just push over a few trees and you don’t want to be in the middle of something like that. They are quite outspoken and give several warnings, but when you don’t understand them or think you could ignore the warning, this could get you really in trouble. Enjoy watching them on game drives with a professional guide behind the wheel, while leaving you with the focus on taking fantastic photographs. But if this is not enough and you want to get really close to elephants, there is another option.

Elephant sanctuaries are the best choice to see elephants, get close to them and even ride one. They have educational programs to create awareness for wildlife conservation and what we can contribute to protect these awesome animals. You can find specialized
African safari itineraries built around conservation and interaction with wildlife, in this case with the focus on elephants. Ask your safari tour operator when you are interested in this kind of safari experiences to include them into your holiday. It is special to be close to such a big and strong animal.

Happy wildlife photo safari travelling!

Ute Sonnenberg for Roho Ya Chui “soul of leopard”, Travel Africa

Want to see rhino?

5-want-to-see rhino

When you see a rhino you see ancient time, an animal that seems to come from a million years ago with its heavy body the for horn use shaped head and of course the famous rhino horn itself. The ancient spirit of a rhino is its beauty and unfortunately there are people thinking when they use the rhino’s horn they become just the same beautiful spirit as the rhino and they would not believe that this would never happen. No matter how much rhino horn they consume, they will never be as strong and impressive as a rhino. But unfortunately they put that in their minds and that kills hundreds of rhinos every year with the count rising. Seeing a rhino has become a different experience, conscious of the threat they are under, seeing a rhino has become even more special than it always was.

If you want to be sure to see rhino on your
African safari holiday go to well established Big Five game reserves. You will not only be pretty sure to see them, you will also support with your stay the good work they do in protecting these amazing animals. The national parks and private game reserves do great efforts with anti poaching and rhino horn treatment to make the horn hunt stop.

Appreciate any rhino you see. Take great pictures and enjoy the challenge of getting great rhino photos, as this is not that easy.

Enjoy fantastic wildlife sightings on amazing safaris.

Ute Sonnenberg for Roho Ya Chui “soul of leopard”, Travel Africa

Get to see the Okavango Delta in 2014

4-get-to-see-the-okavango-delta-in 2014

The crystal clear waters of the Okavango Delta together with the lush vegetation and the abundance of wildlife make it a top-rated African safari destination. No matter where your interests lie the Okavango Delta is great for everyone.

For wildlife photography enthusiasts it is heaven. There is no better light, the colors are stunning and the wildlife sightings are outstanding. The delta offers with its variety of the normal game drives in 4x4 jeeps and several waterborne safari activities a great diversity of photographic angles and subjects.

And for all who want just watch and relax, a comfortable chair on the private veranda is the perfect place to forget the hassles of daily life and enjoy the moment. The remote camps are quiet places in stunning settings and no worries, even children like it. There is lots to do and to discover for visitors of all ages.

Happy relaxed and inspiring safari travelling!
And bring a camera, any camera, you will want one.

Ute Sonnenberg for Roho Ya Chui “soul of leopard”, Travel Africa

Happy New Year on African safari!


African safari 2014: South Africa?


When you plan to visit South Africa in 2014 you will have to choose from a great variety of fantastic African safari destinations and numerous options for safari extensions. Yes, it sounds like work and it really is hard to make a choice.

South Africa is a big country and offers such a variety that it matches pretty much any holiday interest from safaris to marine life and fine wineries and all in between. It is great to do self-drive and explore the different regions and sight yourself, but mind the distances and travel times. It is easily misjudged.

Just as an inspiration here some ideas for top-rated
African safari holidays in South Africa. What about safari in Kruger Park followed by hiking in the Drakensberg, diving in the Indian Ocean, horse riding in the bush or on the beach, relax time in a beach resort before continuing to the magnificent Garden Route and ending up in beautiful Cape Town with a closure at a wine yard estate. Yes, you might be exhausted, but you will have seen the best and you will take home priceless memories.

Happy African safari travel 2014!

Ute Sonnenberg for Roho Ya Chui “soul of leopard”, Travel Africa

Want to see cheetah on African safari?

1-want-to-see cheetah-on-african-safari

Cheetah are magnificent animals, elegant, fast, beautiful and at the same time also fragile. Their delicate slim body for moving on high speed with the beautiful spot pattern is the perfect wildlife photography subject on any African safari.

Cheetahs do not have an easy life. The predator competition is hard and as they don’t stand a chance against lion and leopard they hunt mostly during the day and then eat very quickly before anybody else notices that they have a kill and steels it from them.

You can find them in open areas where they can benefit the most form their speed for the hunt. An excellent area to see cheetah and enjoy these beautiful animals is the Masai Mara. There is even a female cheetah that has discovered standing on game drive vehicles makes great viewing points to scan the area for prey.

Cheetahs can also be seen in other safari countries like South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. Make sure you talk to somebody who is specialized in African safari bookings to direct you to the right safari destinations for excellent cheetah sightings. Always keep in mind to look out for open areas, the preferred hunting ground of these Big Cats.

Happy fast cat photo snapping!

Ute Sonnenberg for Roho Ya Chui “soul of leopard”, Travel Africa

African safari travel ideas 2014: The safari tours


If you don’t have the time to do lots of research on the Internet to put your African safari itinerary together, find yourself a trusted specialized African safari tour operator and choose one of their tours.

Pre-designed African safari tours are ready to book and usually cover the highlights of top-rated safari countries and regions. You would often end up choosing the same sights and game reserves, but in the safari packages you have it all ready and if the tours are group tours and you would like to do that, it will save you money.

There are also tours with a certain theme or interest, like walking tours, horseback safaris or visiting a specific event like the calving of the wildebeest in the Serengeti. Group tours have also a tour guide and different languages for certain tours are offered.

They are some kind of a carefree solution when you don’t have the time for the process of designing your
African safari together with your agent, although it is really nice to do that.

Enjoy relaxed safari holiday travel!
Happy safari snapping!

Ute Sonnenberg for Roho Ya Chui “soul of leopard”, Travel Africa