11 December 2011

The Classic

photographic safari masai mara classic situation

Its one of the most spoken about situations one wouldn't like to experience when driving in the bush, getting stuck in front of a lion, the classic. Well, we didn't need to talk about it, we experienced it.
We were on a
game drive in the Masai Mara and our driver had spotted two male lion further away up the hill. We got there and spent first some time with one of the male lion, beautifully positioned overlooking the great plains. After a while we moved on to get closer to the second male lion. We followed the tracks of another vehicle, that had been there some time earlier and while going through a little dip, well, we got stuck. Our driver got out to check, but we were really stuck and the two male lion were looking interested what was going on. One of them was about 60 meters away and the other about 40 meters away from our vehicle. As usual in the open plains, there was no obstacle between the lion and us that would hinder their view or "walk" towards us. Fortunately there were two other vehicles on the sighting. One of them drove in front of the lion who was further away and the other vehicle came to help us out. The second vehicle parked about in front of us and their and our driver got out to fix the robe between the vehicles. The other male lion was still watching the whole thing curiously, while the lion further away had got up and walked around minding his business of finding a nicer resting spot.
Suddenly another male lion head popped up, and only 20 meters away. So, there were three male lion watching the scene. Especially the male lion very close to us felt a little disturbed and was very alert, but fortunately not in the mood to do something.
The two drivers fixed eventually the robe between the vehicles, which took a while, falling off a couple of times, and we got pulled out.
Well, this was really interesting and after enjoying a bit more time with these very patient three lion we headed back to the camp, a story richer and this time the classic.