02 June 2013

On Photo Safari: An Impressive Experience


Going on photographic safaris, wildlife photography courses and team building photographic safaris is not just going on a trip, it is something that leaves a deep impression on the guests.

Recently a lady guest from a wildlife photography course called to tell that she was with a group of friends in Uzbekistan and while they were having dinner no one spoke about the day they had in Tashkent, but only about the Namibia trip they did years before. She wanted to share how incredible it was that they all dreamed back to this safari, although they were on a lovely trip in an exciting country. The lady was very clear, there is nothing better than safaris and she will start making her whatever how many photo book just now with the images from her last safari.

Happy dreaming and snapping!

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How Good are You with Birds?


Do you have a collection of empty branches in your photo file? Your are not alone.

On a regular basis the level of frustration during
photographic safaris, wildlife photography courses and team building photographic safaris rises with the ambition to photograph birds. One moment they look at you and the next moment they are gone and you didn’t even had time to raise your camera. Well, there are the rare cases of birds that reconsider and just drop back onto the branch, but this is really rare. You just got be fast and you can only accomplish that by anticipating.

We are never as fast as birds, but we can learn what in their behavior shows what they will do next. Then you just press the shutter before the take off and you will capture their take off.

Got it? Practice!

Happy bird snapping!

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How Easily are You Distracted?


We probably all know situations where the noise on the street or from the neighbors makes it impossible for us to concentrate on what we are writing or creating in other ways. We just cannot focus and get more and more annoyed and distracted from what we are doing.

These distractions can also occur on
photographic safaris, team building photographic safaris and wildlife photography courses. And the source of distraction can be more than people on the same vehicle and the vehicle next to you on the sighting. Think about the weather and how comfortable you feel with it. Wind can be a very disturbing element and cold and heat too. We often identify distraction caused by people easily, but it takes us longer to identify distraction by feeling uncomfortable. We might be impatient with the situation, because we are cold and we become agitated with the photo shoot and the result is not good.

Observe it yourself. Dig deeper when you feel impatient or agitated during your photography and identify the source. Often all is solved by only putting on a jacket.

Happy comfortable snapping!

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Do You Collaborate with Painters?


There are many talented wildlife painters out there, who don’t have the opportunity to go on photographic safaris, team building photography safaris or wildlife photography courses and they need images to paint from. Think about that when you wonder what else you could do with your photographs. Look around in your neighborhood, town or country and you will find people that would love to work with your images. And imagine how great that is to have your pictures painted.

That applies of course also to all other photographs you take at home or on holiday. It gives a new dimension beyond framed pictures and photo books. Try it!

Happy snapping and painting!

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How to Photograph Mating Animals


It is one of the highlights of photographic safaris, team building photographic safaris and wildlife photography courses to see mating lion or leopard. And fortunately when they are doing it they do it repeatedly, which gives the photographer more than one opportunity to capture the moment. But how do you capture the moment?

The most common picture of mating lion is a shot that shows exactly what’s happening. And when we come home we can’t wait to post it to the social media and to show it to everybody who wants or doesn’t want to see it. It is just one of these pictures you can say, look I was there. But you will most likely not get the idea to print it on canvas and hang it over the sofa. Its not that kind of picture. But it can be.

The photos are the most fascinating when they don’t show the act itself. For example photograph their faces, the way they look at each other, the expression they show before, while and after. These are images with strong expression and suitable for decoration in your home or as a present. They capture the moment by not showing it.

So, in general keep it mysterious and that way more interesting. Capture the essence!

Happy snapping!

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How Patient are You?


It is generally said that wildlife photography is the kind of photography where the most patience is needed. And it is definitely true that patience is essential for wildlife photography. It is always the most challenging task for the guests on photographic safaris, team building photographic safaris and wildlife photography courses. We are so used that everything goes fast. Since we use computers our time feeling has completely changed and waiting more than 2 seconds for a website to open is already too long. But wild animals are not interested in that. They don’t care that you have only one week to see the Big 5 and a Great Migration Mara River crossing and they definitely don’t care that you think you paid for it to see it. They got their own time. And it is wonderful when one can surrender to their pace, letting the rush behind and enjoying what nature has to offer. It is also only then that we see the greatest sightings and end up with fabulous photographs.

But it is not only in the bush like that. When we give ourselves the time to tune in where we are and what we want to photograph, the results are so much better and the joy too.

Be patient with yourself!

Happy snapping!

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ePhoto Book: Samburu, Home of Enkai


There is a magical place in the north of Kenya, for those who wish to experience a special photographic safari, wildlife photography course or team building photographic safari. This place is called Samburu National Reserve and it is the home of Enkai.

Enkai is a mountain. His top is flat like a table and it is the place where according to the Samburu tribe god lives.

See yourself this magical place. View the photo book

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