15 June 2014

Useful information on African safari for iPad


Tablets have become our best friends, the tool to access information any time anywhere on the go and at home. Books don’t need to be heavy and bulky anymore, they just go on the iPad and with you wherever you go. Travel guides, flight information, booking documents, all can be on your mobile device and if you struggle with a photographic challenge on game drive on African safari, yes, just open your iPad and get the answers.

Access safari travel information and wildlife photography best practices and advice through Roho Ya Chui’s
Travel & Safari Information, Wildlife Photography on African Safari and Questions & Answers on African Safari, available to view online, as PDF downloads and as free iBooks for iPad in preparation of your Africa holiday or while being on safari. Get the best out of your Pad and be prepared for any question that might come up during your safari adventures. Make the iPad your field guide and access knowledge about wildlife and nature wherever you are.

Happy safari travel!

Ute Sonnenberg for Roho Ya Chui, Travel Africa

Featured African safari tour: Cape Town and Kruger Park


Ideal for those who want to pick the best of South Africa for an 11 day African safari holiday is the well-balanced Cape Town and Kruger Park itinerary. The start in Cape Town allows laid back time to recover from a long haul flight before embarking on an amazing Big Five safari on excellent private game reserves.

View and download the itinerary

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Travel Information for top-rated African safari countries

Of course there is the Internet with its almost endless source of information on whatever one might need to know and yes, there is also lots of information on African safari countries. Wikipedia will know about Kenya and Tanzania and there will be links to additional websites to get more specific information, but it is just so nice and handy to have it all in one location. Especially specific travel information on visa requirements, vaccinations, climate and more, are what one would like to know before departing on African safari. One example for having it all in one place to view online, to download as PDF and to download as free iBook for iPad is right here.

Also travel guides like Lonely Planet or the Rough Guide are a good source for practical travel information. For visas, always check government websites. They have the up to date information, at least they should.

Happy safari travel preparation!

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Off the beaten track on African safari in South Africa


Many travellers have only 8 to 10 days for their African safari holiday. This is just enough to see Kruger and Cape Town. If you got a bit more time and if you enjoy self-drive, explore the beautiful Karoo. This can be easily combined with a visit to the Garden Route or en-route from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

The Karoo is a semi-desert with stunning landscapes, mountains, open plains and surprisingly lots of things to do and see. Enjoy
Brian Jackman’s post on the “secret Serengeti” in the Karoo and be inspired to visit this magical place on your next South Africa holiday.

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Featured African safari tour: Kruger to Durban

Packed with wildlife adventure and stunning landscapes is this Kruger to Durban African safari tour. Enjoy outstanding private game reserves with excellent Big Five sightings and combine convenient light aircraft transfers with self-drive through Swaziland and eventually to Durban. Two weeks of safari adventure with room for explorations during the self-drive part will provide amazing wildlife sightings, comfort, time to relax and great photographic opportunities.

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Leisure African safari reads


Is there something like a leisure safari read? Maybe “The White Massai” could fall into that category, still a true story, but not really on the subject of safaris. Perhaps that is anyway the moment when an African safari holiday becomes just like other holidays with time to rest and relax at the pool with a good book. And then any novel, detective or historical book you would take with you also on other holidays, will be what you will love to read. Whatever you experience as leisure reading will be in your bag or on your Pad. … Maybe another good read is “A Lion in the Bedroom” by Pat Cavendish O’Neill, true story and true romance.

Happy safari reading!

Ute Sonnenberg for Roho Ya Chui, Travel Africa