08 June 2014

Best selling African safari reads


Probably the best selling books on Africa over the years are the classics, books like The End of the Game by photographer Peter Beard, Born Free by Joy Adamson (the story about the lioness Elsa) and Out of Africa by Isak Dinesen (Karen Blixen). Beard wrote his book in the 1960is and Taschen only recently republished it with great success. Out of Africa became the cult movie for African safari lovers and the lioness Elsa seems to be seen in every lion one sees on game drives. These books have been on the top of reading lists for decades. They let the reader embark on an African adventure and all what comes with it, from heartbreaking moments to great joy and wonder. These books have inspired generations and will mostly likely be on the reading list of future generations as well. They are the reason for many safaris to the Masai Mara in Kenya, to see where it all happened, to find out it still does.

Happy safari reading!

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Image above: Peter Beard

Ute Sonnenberg for Roho Ya Chui, Travel Africa

Specialised travel reads for African photographic safaris


It seems with photography going digital also the tutorials, information and picture books went digital. You will hardly see people carrying around paper books on wildlife photography with them on safari or even reading them at home. The “reads” on photography are nowadays Kindle books or iBooks, youtube videos and blog posts.

In preparation of your
African photographic safari it would be probably the best suggestion to check youtube and several blogs. Good blogs are PetaPixel, Fstoppers, The Phoblographer and National Geographic. There are lots of information and tips available to make your safari a success. Choose to download the for you most important information on your Pad and you will have all with you no matter where you go. That way you can travel with an entire travel library on photography in the middle of the African savanna. Another advantage is, that the digital sources are updated regularly and you will have access to the most recent information and news. Ready to go?

Happy safari snapping!

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Featured African safari tour: Namibia & Zambia


This itinerary might sound like something one would not think of first when planning an African safari tour, but it is actually easier than maybe expected. There is a direct flight from Windhoek, Namibia, to Lusaka in Zambia and therefore the opportunity to combine two completely different safari experiences in one trip. Sossusvlei, Damaraland and Etosha in Namibia with South Luangwa in Zambia. Contrasts can hardly be bigger and more interesting.

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Godo travel reads for African safaris


There are an overwhelming number of books on African safaris, from travel guides to field guides and novels. But what is really helpful when going on safari in need of some insight to understand better what you can expect to see and when you see something what it is?

Great are the Sasol field guides on birds and even skywatching. It gets easily addictive to check the birds you saw, as there are so many beautiful ones and you want to be able to shine with their names when telling your friends at home about them. There are also small books with the essential mammals. It will help you with all the different types of antelopes and not Big Five animals to remember their names.

The travel guides from Lonely Planet, the Rough Guides and Capitool are very good. And if you would like to read some heartbreaking novel while enjoying your private bush veranda, “Born free” from Joy Adamson, “Out of Africa” from Isak Dinesen (Karen Blixen) and “The white Massai” from Nina Hoss are the classics.

For more practical travel advise you can also search the net and find safari essentials like “
Photo Safari Essentials e-Guide”. And of course, if you don’t want to carry kilos of books with you, just download them on your Pad.

Happy safari reading!

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How to spot wildlife on African safari

Where is the lion? How did you manage to see that? Where? I cannot see it!

These phrases will sound very familiar to people who have been on
African safari. One sits on the game drive vehicle and realizes that it is quite a skill to spot the wildlife. By trying very hard one starts also seeing things that aren’t there or tree trunks turn into all sorts of Big Five variations.

Read Alan Murphy’s post and learn how to do better next time.

Happy safari spotting!

Featured African safari tour: Kruger Park & Victoria Falls

Kruger Park and Victoria Falls are a perfect combination for a short getaway. You will experience a Big Five African safari and the stunning Victoria Falls within 8 days. And there are lots of things to do at the falls from bungee jumping to elephant riding, sunset cruises and river safaris and much more.

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Find trusted local African safari tour operator


When you live in New York, you will be a good person to talk to for visitors intending to visit the city, as you are a local. And so is an Africa based tour operator a good choice to talk to when planning an African safari tour. A holiday destination is not only information in a travel guide, but also a feel and touch, that one only has when living there. The best is finding an organization with empathy and experience, that is based in Africa and that has also experience in other parts of the world to understand the needs of worldwide clients.

Find these people by browsing the Internet and reading the reviews of their clients and press. To be sure you found the right person, you can also request a phone call and find out by chatting, if you made the right choice. And of course there is word of mouth. When your friends were happy with the safari operator, you most likely will be happy too.

Whatever your way of planning your holiday is, your gut feeling will play a main role. Trust it.

Happy safari travelling!

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