mating animals

How to Photograph Mating Animals


It is one of the highlights of photographic safaris, team building photographic safaris and wildlife photography courses to see mating lion or leopard. And fortunately when they are doing it they do it repeatedly, which gives the photographer more than one opportunity to capture the moment. But how do you capture the moment?

The most common picture of mating lion is a shot that shows exactly what’s happening. And when we come home we can’t wait to post it to the social media and to show it to everybody who wants or doesn’t want to see it. It is just one of these pictures you can say, look I was there. But you will most likely not get the idea to print it on canvas and hang it over the sofa. Its not that kind of picture. But it can be.

The photos are the most fascinating when they don’t show the act itself. For example photograph their faces, the way they look at each other, the expression they show before, while and after. These are images with strong expression and suitable for decoration in your home or as a present. They capture the moment by not showing it.

So, in general keep it mysterious and that way more interesting. Capture the essence!

Happy snapping!

Ute Sonnenberg for