How to use Team Building and Photography


If you are not a fan of team buildings that make you do things you feel uncomfortable with, incentives with photography are probably the solutions.

Photography is gentle, playful and uniting. It inspires and opens minds, it makes friends and good colleagues and it doesn’t hurt or makes you do bungee jumping. Photography can be done anywhere without big costs and the benefits for the team are great. Well, if you want to push it a bit you can do
team building safaris, but still they are comfortable and inspiring, aligning teams in an innovative way. Team buildings with wildlife photography are even calling in the support of the animals and learning is becomes only a joy. The benefits are long lasting through the strength of photography, which allows connecting on a deeper level.

Inspired? Ever thought of doing an unusual team building, an incentive with friends and family? It might be a great success.

Happy snapping and connecting!

Ute Sonnenberg for