How to Win from Yourself


Sometimes we got this inner voice saying, lets do it next time, lets wait or not now. This voice pops up in several situations and also in photography. A standard situation for it to start talking is on game drives during photographic safaris, wildlife photography courses and team building photographic safaris.

Sitting on a game vehicle can feel like sitting on a rocking chair, not only for the rocking, but more for the feeling of dreaming away and getting to lazy to do something, even to take a photo. Everyone who had been on a game drive will know the situation that there was a wonderful photo and one was too “lazy” to make the driver stop to photograph it. It’s like being caught in a trance, with the result that the photo is gone. The photo opportunity will not come again.

The only way of doing something to get the photo is to be conscious about it and to practice. Just shout out loud when you see the photo and don’t think about what others might think. You saw it and it’s your photo. Take it.

It is actually the same when driving in a car on a motorway, with the only difference that it is often not possible to stop to take the picture. So, do it when you have the chance and definitely on safari.

Happy snapping!

Ute Sonnenberg for