Living Pictures with Light Field Camera Lytro

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Photos we take with our “normal” cameras are 2D images and nothing is wrong with it, yet there is more what one can do with a camera and this is when Lytro comes in.

The Lytro camera is a
light-field camera. That means the camera captures the 4D light field information of a scene and by doing that, the images can be refocused and even the perspectives can be shifted afterwards. Ever had that moment that you wished you had taken the photo with a different angle, different point of view? You can change your point of view now with the new Lytro feature from December 4th just at your computer after the image was taken, well when the image was taken with a Lytro camera.

Comes pretty close to our human eye, doesn’t it?

Happy snapping and playing!

Ute Sonnenberg for

Image above by Greg Tokarski