Why Ideas Matter

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How often do we sit over a blank sheet of paper, pen ready to write and hoping for ideas to flow? It can be the shopping list for the coming weekend, the packing list for a holiday, the paper for school, the motivation for a job application or the preparation for a meeting. The idea is what we are waiting for to make whatever we want to do a success.

And the process of finding ideas seems to be the same for all purposes. What do we do when the idea doesn’t want to come? We google recipes, travel destinations, photographers, leave through magazines and books until we have enough inspiration for ideas to start flowing. Without ideas, our life would be always the same and pretty boring.

wildlife photography as an example. Either you are someone who has been on safari many times or someone who is going for the first time, you want to have ideas about what to photograph and how. The idea can be to sit on the game vehicle and wait what comes or discuss with the guide to look for the Big 5 with the aim of photographing a portrait of a lion, rhino, elephant, leopard and lion within one day … or two or three. You will have somehow an idea what you want and how the pictures are going to like. If the animals are not cooperating, be open for a plan B and have ideas about flowers and beetles.
Got it? What are your ideas for this week’s photography? What do pictures do you want form this week?

Happy snapping!

Ute Sonnenberg for