Seen Enough Bathrooms

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I was yesterday at the Indaba, the tourism trade show in Durban. While wandering around through the halls, I noticed that I wasn’t drawn to the stands, although many companies created nice stands with beautiful decoration. There wasn’t something new, really new in the sense of content, an added value to the trip or stay at the destination. The innovation was missing.

I couldn’t really put my finger on it, but a lady from a Kenyan lodge did. She said, the people have seen enough bathrooms. What she meant is that all the brochures are showing close ups of decoration in the lounge, bathrooms and close ups of the towels with a flower. But a bathroom is a bathroom and most of the bathrooms have nowadays the modern “clear lines” style and look pretty much the same. But just to clarify, this is not a plea for new styled bathrooms; this is a call for innovation.
Well, we had a chat and the photography courses can offer that innovation people are looking for. They are innovative, because of the way of teaching and the guidance through the ins and outs of photography. The courses open new dimensions to the participants in order to grow in that field of activities. And besides that they are fun!

The lady and I looked at each other and thought, yes we understand each other and we’ll do something about it. For example photography courses on magical places in Kenya.
Thank you Tamsin!

Ute Sonnenberg,