Can my African safari accommodation be outside the park?


When you want to go on African safari to the Kruger National Park you will picture yourself in a lodge or safari camp inside the park. That is the desired accommodation as one is already in the bush, ready to depart on game drives. It is also very exciting to stay in an unfenced camp with the Big 5 around. Wildlife photography lovers will walk with their camera always ready to shoot and there is nothing nicer than watching elephants bathing in front of your veranda. But there can be a good reason to choose the accommodation outside the park. Budget.

The safari accommodations outside the park cost significant less than inside the park. In the example of Kruger Park there are plenty of guesthouses and hotels just a short drive away from park entrance gates. The downside to it is, that the drives go over tar roads and that there are no elephants bathing in the pool, but it saves money and the game drives are conducted inside the park with open 4x4 vehicles.

So, yes, you can stay in accommodation outside the park on
African safaris and it is still be a lovely safari holiday. By doing that you might give yourself a couple of extra days and maybe even a beach extension or a visit to Cape Town.

For photography enthusiasts the extra available budget might go into extra photography gear, to come home with even more beautiful wildlife images.

Happy photography safari travelling!

Ute Sonnenberg for