Striking Photo Stacking Technique

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There are many ways of painting with your camera and there are probably even more ways of painting with Photoshop, but this one is really a nice one.

Matt Molloy’s photo stacking technique cloud images look just amazing, like big rough brush strokes have set the clouds on the pictures.

Here is how Molloy does it:

“To make these ‘photo stacks’, I first shoot a timelapse, taking a photo every 5 seconds or so. (Settings differ depending on the subject and lighting conditions). I then merge several photos into one image using Photoshop. I start with the first image from the timelapse as a normal photo and then blend the rest of them with the ‘lighten’ blending mode. This only adds things that are brighter than what was in the first photo, and so you can see things like the paths of stars as they move across the sky. (The movement of the stars is actually from the earth’s rotation).”

It sounds like a lot of work, but it looks like being worth trying.


Find more of his work can be found on
Flickr and 500px and good luck with playing with light.

Happy brush stroke setting!

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