How to take part in African wildlife conservation projects?


When you want to contribute to wildlife conservation while being on African safari holiday, you can consider several options.

An indirect affect on wildlife will have the choice of your lodge or camp. The more eco-friendly your safari accommodation is the better for the wildlife. Small camps and lodges have also less impact on the animals, as less people will invade their natural habitat.

You can also visit endangered species centers and the entrance fee you pay will contribute to the good work these centers are doing. They look after injured wild animals, release them when they are better and do research to help endangered species like cheetahs.

In Kenya are
African safaris available that focus on saving the elephant. In cooperation with the Scheldrick Wildlife Trust the safari guests visit the elephant orphanage in Nairobi privately and follow the path of the young rescued elephants during their safari until the release camps in Tsavo East. For each safari guest an elephant will be adopted. The contribution helps the trust saving small elephant babies that have lost their mother through poaching or other tragedies.

A pretty spectacular way in taking part in conservation are the so called “African vet safaris”. You will stay at a private game reserve and take part in animal immobilizations for treatments. You will not do the darting, but you will give a hand in handling the animal during treatment. It is an incredible experience and your safari booking pays for the expensive procedure.

There are also volunteer programs you can join to make a difference. There is lots to do, there are lots of opportunities to come up close with wildlife and to help them to survive.

Happy wildlife conservation travelling!

Ute Sonnenberg for