Helpful Thoughts on Photo Safaris


It can be a pretty exciting event, going on photographic safari and planning the entire trip with travel bookings and photo equipment preparations. First of all, enjoy the excitement. Second, don’t panic when it seems challenging to get your photo gear within the luggage allowance and all the worries on dust, water and other elements you might get into. Try to talk to people who are experienced with photo safaris to avoid unnecessary buys and too much luggage. Don’t feel silly about any question. If you haven’t been to Africa, you cannot know what to bring and prepare. Keep it easy and joy, don’t stress.

When actually being on photographic safari connect with where you are and realize that this lovely forest your camp is in is not like the forest at home, it got lion and leopard in it. Be conscious where you are to avoid critical situations. The bush is not dangerous as long as one sticks to it’s rules.

With all that set in your mind, let your heart enjoy the trip and just shoot away. Have enough memory cards to not be limited and set your camera on continuous shooting. All happens fast in the bush and often you just keep shooting seeing later what has come out.

Enjoy your safari adventure!

wildlife snapping!

Ute Sonnenberg for