How good are your wildlife photos really?


Maybe you have been on a photographic safari in Africa, you get home and your photos sorted and after hours behind the computer and a couple of hundreds of images further you start doubting your own photographer talent and skills. But should you?

Do you compare your
wildlife photography with what you see on National Geographic or in the magazines? If you do so, be conscious that all these images are photoshopped and you can achieve similar results by photoshopping your images to.

But lets look at the essence. Do you love your images? Do they appeal to you? If you answer both questions with a yes, your images are great, because they are the images you love. They capture special moments of your safari, intimate moments with wildlife and nature and they will take you back to your adventure whenever you want to experience it again. Love your images; they are your memories.

Happy wildlife photography snapping!

Ute Sonnenberg for