How is summer on African safari?


Summer in southern Africa is December, January and February with high rising temperatures. It is hot during the day and warm during the night. It is wonderful to escape winter in the northern hemisphere and spend some warming up time in Africa for Christmas or New Year. African safaris at that time of the year have their own magic. It is green, lush and abundant in many ways. It is calving time for many animals with baby animals running around as wonderful picture perfect photography subjects. The warm temperatures allow relax time at the pool and the sundowner is especially refreshing after a game drive on a hot day.

Summer is also the time of rains, not constantly and not every day, but it can happen that you experience rain during a game drive. On an open game drive vehicle this is the moment the ponchos come out (they are available on the vehicles) and the game drive continues with yourself tucked warm and dry in your poncho while seeing the bush changing in the soft light the rainy air provides. For wildlife photography enthusiasts this is the moment of the best light for black and white photography.

Summer is just a great time to visit.

Happy wildlife safari snapping!

Ute Sonnenberg for