How is safety on African safari?


When you travel you want to know that you are safe even on adventurous holidays like African safaris.

The safari lodges and camps have safety rules that are explained to you at arrival. They can include not walking by yourself at night in an unfenced camp, not leaving the walkway, not standing up in the open game vehicle at sightings and how to act in case of an emergency. Follow the rules; they are there for a reason.

The guides/rangers at the lodges and camps are usually well trained and professional, definitely at the higher end game reserves. Bush walks are conducted by armed guides/rangers and will aim to avoid confrontations with dangerous animals by providing at the same time a great experience.

In cases of force majeure like for example a flood after extremely heavy rains or a fire, emergency procedures are in place for the safe evacuation of the guests.

Has a guest an accident or falls ill, medical assistance is available and guests can be flown out to the hospital for appropriate medical care.

In general all is done to secure the guests safety and if something unforeseen happens the staff is well trained and prepared to deal with the situation. The guest can help to be safe by following the rules and being conscious that he/she is in the bush with free roaming wild animals.

Happy safe safari travelling!

Ute Sonnenberg for