Can You Leave Office Behind?


It is a common sight in our cities to see people walking with their heads down, scrolling through emails, social media or having a phone call and doing all together. But how is it on holiday and especially on photographic safaris or during wildlife photography courses? Well, it depends.

A few years ago, going on a
photographic safari was a great excuse for not answering phone calls and not accessing emails, because there was no Internet in the bush. But the pressure of the offices made its way also into the bush. Guests could only travel to places where they have email access and cell phone signal, so the lodges nowadays are equipped with satellite Internet connections and cell phone signal. But at least on the game drives there is mostly still an oasis of Internet free space, what keeps the office out.

But in essence its us, having the feeling that we cannot be without the emails and phone calls, like something terrible would happen, if we would not respond immediately. Especially during
team building photographic safaris it is hard for the delegates to switch off. They are there with their colleagues and of course conversations are going about work, but at least the photography and the wildlife distract for several hours a day and create a real break from the office, also if there is Internet. Nature and photography are stronger than emails and probably more inspiring.

Enjoy your photography office breaks.

Happy snapping!

Ute Sonnenberg for