When Photography becomes the Best Therapy Ever

wildlife photography course therapy

Have you ever had such a day that nothing would work, all you touched fell into pieces, you had the feeling that nobody likes you anymore, business is not going to work and sun is shining never again? There are several ways of dealing with such a day. You can burst into tears and cry until you fall a sleep, start eating ice cream and chocolate until you drop, blame everyone and everything around you for your misery, throwing things and many more other destructive not helping ways of coping options. But there is one solution for everything, photography. Grab your camera or smart phone, go out into the park if you can or just use the environment where you are and start photographing what you see. If you feel so bad that you don’t want to see, then look away and just press the shutter. Keep doing it until you feel exhausted. That means whatever negative energy was in you will have drained. Now have a look at the images. There might be plenty of artistic images of a mug of floor lamp, photographed through angles you never tried before. And there will be plenty of “weird” images you don’t have an explanation for and want to erase. Do so, erase them. They were the disturbing energy you were struggling with for the whole day. Now you are left with your artistic images and if you want or not, you will feel inspired and positive, ready for a new sunny day.
Happy trying.

Ute Sonnenberg, www.rohoyachui.com