How to Embed Photography in Your Life


Nowadays the word “embed” is known to us from embedding codes in websites or other digital media we are constantly using. How would it be to embed the code of photography into our lives or did we already?

Embedding a code on a website makes that something beautiful becomes visible when the website is published, like a video, an e-book or an image. Isn’t just the same happening when we embed photography into our lives? Our photography makes visible what we see, experience, feel, wish and love. The image as a print or online medium is the published code of our photography and of our lives.

The social media made it easy to make photography part of our lives with the support of the smart phones, which make it easy to carry a camera at all times. So, do we even need to think about it? Isn’t it just happening? Not always. Think about when are you happily snapping away and when are you hardly touching the camera. What do we need to keep going with our photography?

Nature is always doing the trick, so keep that in mind when photography is some kind of stuck. And yes, doing a wildlife
safari is a real boost, in the forests close to home or on the savannas of Africa.

Happy snapping!

Ute Sonnenberg for