Why have travel insurance on African safari


When you book your African safari holiday check your itinerary proposal, if an emergency evacuation insurance is included. In most of the proposals this will be the case. This insurance will cover emergency evacuations due to floods or fires, but also in case of an accident or illness. It does not cover the actual medical treatment, only the transportation to the next hospital. You will need a separate insurance that covers medical treatment and possibly further transport back home.

Your health insurance will most likely provide such a medical insurance with world cover and also travel insurances offer this option. Check what exactly the coverage is to have the best cover for the best price. However get a general travel insurance as well with curtailment, cancellation, theft, damage and loss.

If you travel with expensive photo gear, insure the gear separately. The insurance will be called “all risk specified” and every single item of your equipment will be listed with its value. This is a must have for photo safaris.

Taking this precaution will give you peace of mind and safety in case of an emergency.

Safe safari travel!