Visual EdVenture Retreats

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There is a new word in the travel industry, edventure, meaning an educational adventure during your holiday or even an edventure retreat with yoga classes and other courses during a stay at a beautiful beach resort. It’s a smart synergy of words that explains very well the content of such a holiday. Education can be an adventure and going to an exotic place is an adventure too. Both together create an intense experience of growth during a relaxed and inspiring vacation.
We should have these experiences not only during our long waited for holiday once a year. These moments of retreat, education and growth are craved for everyday, especially after a hard day at the office or a never-ending rainy day or just as a moment to rest and relax whenever we need it. But of course we are not able yet to beam us to the Masai Mara at the end of the day to sit and photograph the lions and beam back when going to bed. It might be possible one day, but until then we got a great alternative: Photographs!
We can retreat in a visual edventure at any given moment with our own photographs on our computer, phone or tablet, images from the Internet or photo books. Every image teaches us something and takes us to a place where we are not at the moment we are looking at it. Give it a try. Open your photo library or go to the Internet and look at photos. There will be at least one photo you get drawn to and keep looking at. The image takes you to the place and moment where it was taken. You get “beamed” from the place where you are right now to the Masai Mara through the visual channel of the image and you can see, feel and smell the Great Plains. For a moment you retreated to the African bush to learn about its colors, animals and smells, yes even that is in the image. Feel it.
Fortunately we keep calling our photos just photos and not that mouth full “visual edventure retreast”, although that’s what they are.

Ute Sonnenberg,