The advanced wildlife photography guide for your African safari

An African safari is heaven for all photography enthusiasts and those in the making. It happens frequently, that people go on safari with their point and shoot camera and end up getting geared up with photographic equipment when they come back home, already planning their next safari tour to get the real good photographs of the Big Five.

Point and shoot cameras work well to a certain extend, but fail when it comes to speed and image quality. In order to get wildlife photography wise the best out of your African safari, a higher end photo gear is needed. Good zoom, speed, ISO and image quality are essentials a camera should provide. Consult your nearest outfitter or online experts like B&H Photo Video in New York before you just buy gear. There is so much going on, that it is hard to keep track. Once equipped with the right gear, you can focus entirely on other skills of wildlife photography and on spotting the Big Five at top-rated safari destinations.

advanced skills of wildlife photography are not as easy to acquire as a photo gear. They need professional advice and lots of practicing. Photographing wild animals on safaris on open 4x4 safari vehicles exposed to the elements on rough roads and off road if needed, require some training, patience and lots of doing. In preparation of your African safari you can make use of books and Internet tutorials on the subject. One of our own publications “Wildlife Photography on African Safaris” is a good point to start. It describes situations on game drives and how to deal with them to be successful with your wildlife photography. They approach photography on safaris from an angle one does not learn from a safari guide or ranger, but are crucial for success. And the most important, keep practicing and having fun with your photography on safaris.

Ute Sonnenberg for Roho Ya Chui, Travel Africa