How is food in African safari lodges


Food can be of a concern for safari travellers as it could cause a health problem. But in general the food at safari lodges and camps is very good and of international standard, sometimes with an African theme. Many lodges offer buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner with a great variety of choices. Often per day changing specialties like pancake for dessert or a dinner with on demand-grilled meat, fish and vegetables are offered. Efforts are done to provide balanced meals and a variety of food. Most camps and lodges also accommodate pretty much all dietary requirements, except kosher meals. They can only be provided when the camp or lodge is not too far away from a city with the necessary facilities.

Many guests don’t dare to eat raw salad to avoid stomach problems or others take a zip of whisky in the morning to avoid the same problem. Eating raw food can be anywhere a risk, but on
African safaris the water can be the cause of the problem. Do not drink tap water unless otherwise advised, also don’t use it to brush your teeth.

In general be prepared that the food is great and that you are in real danger of gaining weight, because of sitting on the game vehicle all the time, getting appetite by being outdoors and therefore eating a lot.

Happy safari travel!

Ute Sonnenberg for