What are edVenture Retreats?


For those who want to give their photographic safari in South Africa or the wildlife photography courses in Kenya or even the team building photographic safaris to Namibia an extra dimension can turn it into an edVenture Retreat. The word edVenture stands for “educational adventure” and deepens the experience by choosing very special locations for the events with additional meditations and exercises.

The purpose is to recalibrate and reconnect in order to achieve better results and to benefit even more from the photographic experience in the bush.

EdVenture Retreats are a comfortable experience in enchanting environments and make the attendees connect with their creative strength in a deep and long lasting way.

Ever thought of utilizing meditation or energy work to enhance your photography? You might not be conscious that you do it already. Yoga for example is a strong tool.

Happy learning and snapping!

Ute Sonnenberg for