Will there be a Canon 75MP camera?


Last year we had the announcements that Canon comes with a 45 MP camera and nothing happened, now are the rumors that Canon is working on a 75 MP sensor. Will this really happen? The details so far are that the sensor is built of layers in order to generate the 75 MP. But there is nothing more at the moment.

And again the same questions arises, do we need that? What are we going to use 75 MP for? Already the 45 MP were just too much for everyday shooting and
photographic safaris. What kind of memory card is going to be able to deal with the data? Will students in wildlife photography courses and delegates in team building photo safaris compete with each other through the megapixel strength of their cameras? Will there be a renewal of the class system determined by the megapixels of your camera?

Maybe these are again only rumors, but who knows, maybe this is in 10 years the standard of smart phone cameras.

Happy snapping!

Ute Sonnenberg for