What clothes should I wear on African safari?


Planning your perfect African safari comes with practical questions. They go from what kind of safari accommodation works for me, what mode of transport is convenient, what health precautions do I need to take, what photo camera equipment to I need to bring to eventually what to wear on safari.

The choice of clothes for your
African safari is not the least concern. The choice is crucial to feel comfortable in all possible situations. Get information on the weather at your time of travel. In general it is good to work in layers, from t-shirt over fleece to light rain jacket or even warm jacket for winter in southern Africa. Mind the colors. Choose natural colors like khaki and beige. Flashy colors attract insects and scare off wildlife. Bring a sunhat and closed shoes for on the game drives and flip flops for in the camp. Choose the micro fiber fabrics for really hot areas and rainy times. They are light, very pleasant when its hot and dry very quickly when they get wet.

Don’t worry about evening clothes. On safari the safari outfit is good for everything. You only might like to change into something different once a day, just to feel different. And yes, bring your swimming costume. Most of the camps have a pool!
You can always go to a good safari outfitter. Their staff is usually very knowledgeable and they have the right clothes to feel comfortable on African safari holidays.

Happy safari travel and wildlife snapping!

Ute Sonnenberg for