What makes a perfect African sfari


Finding or creating your perfect African safari is challenging and not because they are hard to find, but because the most difficult part is to determine what makes them perfect for you. There is an overwhelming number of perfect African safari holidays available, however they are perfect for just the same overwhelming number of different people and now find yours.

Here some general features that make a safari perfect, just as cornerstones of your own safari creation.

The quality of wildlife sightings and game drives should be on top of the list. The wildlife density of an area is very important to make you happy on safari. Next on the list is the comfort you need to feel good on holiday. This is very personal. Some like rough camping with shared facilities and others need the safe comfort of a bed with a neat duvet. Don’t think you need to push yourself to camping, if you usually don’t like it, your safari would be terrible and you would not enjoy a moment. Basic needs should be met. The mode of transport is the third important factor to make your safari perfect. If you have ten days and want to see a lot, do a fly-in safari. Otherwise you will be constantly driving with only few time for the actual safari or sight.

Last but not least the people. When you travel in a group, make sure you know each other well enough to go on such an adventure. If you travel solo, a safari is a great opportunity to meet new people and to make new friends.

Make a list for yourself with all what you need to feel good when travelling and then put together your perfect African safari tour.

Happy wildlife photographic safari planning!

Ute Sonnenberg for