Innovate Simply Through Photography

photography for business leaders andalusia

For some reason Innovation seems more in demand, yet harder to do nowadays. It’s probably the pace of demand for innovations that increases the pressure and makes it harder to come up with innovations as per mouse click. Probably also the flood of information and triggers that awaits us every day makes it difficult to see the opportunities for something genuine new through all the clutter. We need help in seeing the innovation that is right in front of us.
Imagine you are in a room that has a beautiful painting on the wall. You walk over there to have a “close look”, standing right in front of it, your nose almost touches the canvas. You want to see, so you go close. What you see is a fragment of the painting, but you are pleased, you can see every single brush stroke in this fragment, every detail. And you might think, well one or another stroke could have been more accurate. When you stop right here in your discovery of the painting you will have only a fragmental view on the artwork.
When you decide to continue, you will start moving away from the painting, backwards, in order to see the complete work to unfold. You create distance in order to see. Now from a few steps back the painting shows its whole beauty. Suddenly the inaccurate brush stroke is part of the whole and essential for its composition. You realize you are looking at a Van Gogh.

Photography is our tool to “step back” in order to see the whole, to create a distance to be able to see. It helps us seeing innovation that is right in front of us, but we don’t see it, because we are to close. Experience it with a little exercise: You don’t like your lounge anymore, but you can’t put a finger on it what it is that disturbs you or where to start making changes? Take a photo of your lounge. Upload it to your computer and look at it. The answer will be right there.

Training in using photography as a tool is available through , for businesses and interested people.

Ute Sonnenberg,