On Photo Safari: The Safari Language


For those who have never been on a photographic safari, wildlife photography course or team building photo safari or any safari at all, the language spoken by rangers and trackers during game drives can be a challenge. It starts with the specific terms for all what the animals are doing or the animal names themselves. For example a group of giraffes is called a journey of giraffes and a group of rhinos a crush of rhinos. Would you have known that?

Or what about the language the rangers are speaking with each other. The animal is not walking or running; the animal is mobile. And they don’t hear an animal; they have an audio of an animal. And of course they have a visual instead of seeing an animal.

But don’t worry, it is very educative and easy learning on a safari and soon you will be able to wield these terms yourself to the astonishment of your friends and families. Fortunately there are field guides to practice the right names and other specific terms and probably you will surprise your ranger with your knowledge.

But there is no language needed to enjoy the beauty of nature and the wonderful wildlife.

Happy safari snapping!

Ute Sonnenberg for