Does Adobe Think of Wildlife Phhotographers?


Adobe has recently announced that from CS7 its software will only be available as cloud service. This is not only a financial issue, but also and access issue.

As a wildlife photographer,
photographic safari guest, wildlife photography course attendee or team building photographic safari delegate you will have a big problem with Adobe software, because you are in the bush.

Although most of the lodges and camps have Internet access nowadays, the bandwidth and speed are to poor for the purpose of using Adobe creative cloud. Imagine editing an image in the cloud with a common satellite connection and ten other people want to do that at the same time. This does not work. Even checking emails will take forever in such a situation; don’t even think of image editing.

The conclusion can only be that Adobe did not think of anybody outside areas with high technology infrastructure standard, but there are huge regions in the world (even in cities) where photographers will not be able to use the cloud service, just because of the poor Internet connection. And then? I don’t know, but I hope there will be a solution to have CS on the computer or some magical improvement of Internet, but anyhow, there needs to be one.

Happy snapping and enjoying photography!

Ute Sonnenberg for