Weddings on Photo Safari


It is very popular to choose exotic locations for weddings and a great whole in one is to get married during a
photographic safari to South Africa or Kenya while having the honeymoon in the same package. One could even call it the team building photographic safari event for the family of a lifetime, everyone would remember forever. Or it could be at the same time the family present to the newly wed when making it a wildlife photography course as well.

It has many advantages to choose the bush for a wedding, if it wouldn’t be so far away for many people, yet it is worth considering it, especially when one loves photography. There is probably no better background for a wedding photo like the Great Plains or the Ngorongoro Crater or even a herd of elephants and no more romantic sundown shot than the newly wed couple on a 4x4 jeep looking out over a river with hippos popping up. Well, the opportunities are endless and every guest can be the photographer and most likely will be the photographer of the event, gathering memories of a lifetime, making the event very special one.

Don’t think now a wallpaper with hippos will do the job. The excitement of the real thing will be missing. The photo will tell.

Be inspired to create special moments to capture and keep forever.

Happy snapping!

Ute Sonnenberg for