On the Edge of Africa

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It is like a magnetic point and when I was there I had the feeling like falling off the continent any moment, as it is pulling one further into the ocean. I’m talking about the southern most point of Africa, Cape Agulhus.
It is that overwhelming feeling of standing on the edge of this huge continent and the tip is so tiny, like it is holding the whole continent from falling into the sea. I was emotional and don’t know quite why.
Being the southern most point of Africa means as much as land stops here, but it actually doesn’t. It goes further underneath the water where the Indian and Atlantic Ocean meet. If we could make us heavier and able to breath under water we could just carry on walking from the edge of Africa down the hill until we reach a valley and climb a hill again. I felt like standing on the top of a mountain experiencing fear of height by thinking that there is so much under the water and I recognized the feeling. I had it also with diving, as I could fall down, like from a high building, what I would do, if there wouldn’t be water.
All this came up when standing on the edge of Africa, realizing that there isn’t an edge of Africa, that Africa goes further under the ocean and it is never ending. All continents are connected, only the lakes got a bit big, that we can’t see the other side of the valley anymore. We are only standing on higher ground looking down into the depth of the water covered valley and in my case becoming emotional, hit by philosophical thoughts.