Surprises on Team Buildings with Photography

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When teams do a team building photographic safari with wildlife photography course they often don’t have time to prepare in any way for it. Some buy quickly a new camera and come with the equipment stilled boxed and often the first conversations around the lunch table are still the same as in the office.
It starts during the first photography sessions that the delegates get drawn into their camera and questions evolve about settings and buttons on it. They discover the ability of their equipment and are surprised what it can do for them. The next surprises are on their way during the first
photographic safari game drive when they are guided to use their cameras to capture what they see and to learn about the specifics of wildlife photography. Often the evening of the first day shows images of trying and experimenting and delegates are determined to learn more the next day. The next morning the delegates are already confident in using their camera, curious to explore more and snapping away with joy and fun. And the next big surprise is happening when they eventually see the images of the morning on the laptop and everybody is enthusiast about what the colleagues photographed, ending up making a calendar of each delegate’s favorite image to remember the experience every day in the office.

Happy snapping!

Ute Sonnenberg for