Can elderly and disabled people go on African safari?


African safari holidays are active holidays and can be exhausting. People with spine and neck problems should be careful as the game drives are on rough and bumpy roads. That might not be a good thing to do with such a condition. In any case, for people who are on a medical treatment it is strongly recommended to consult the physician.

In general elderly and disabled people can go on
African safari, as long as their physician does not advice otherwise. There are steps that make the getting in and out of the game vehicle easier and many lodges have wheelchairs to make the getting around in the lodge easier as well. There is always help as one is not alone and if necessary, staff can be booked for help.

But check in advance what help is available at the lodges and camps you want to book. Rather book flight transfers than road transfers. You will also be sure that the lodge has an airstrip in case of an emergency.

Luckily the amazing safari adventures are available also for people with health limitations and it gives them access to a strong healing source, the African bush with its amazing wildlife.

Happy safari going!

Ute Sonnenberg for