How to create my dream African safari


The times that an African safari was only a dream for many people have passed. Transport has become easy and airfares have become affordable. The African countries have developed and even self-drive is possible on a couple of top-rated safari destinations. The African safari dream can come true!

That does not mean all is easy now. While dreaming, so many dreams have evolved and so many destinations are desired, that panic can hit when the actual moment has come to go. How to put all the dreams into 2 weeks safari? When the available budget is high enough one could see all great wildlife areas in Southern and East Africa within the two weeks, just by flying everywhere, but it would not honor the great places at all. There needs to be time at every destination to really tune in and enjoy it. Choices need to be made. Go for the most recurring safari dream and start researching about the destination and the available options. Read, talk to people, search the Internet and often coincidents help to make the decision. The lodge that is just not available at your travel date or the flight connection that is fully booked. You might get help that way in your decision process and the choices that fall easy into place are most likely the ones that work best for your dream
African safari. Don’t try to fight them, embrace them. Use images from destinations, lodges and camps to reassure yourself in your decision. You look with your heart at the images, the same source as your dreams, so you will feel what the right choice is.

From there it is really easy. Book, go and enjoy. Live your African safari dream and get the pictures you always wanted.

Happy safari wildlife snapping!

Ute Sonnenberg for