How to make sure you don't get in trouble with airlines


Photographers usually travel with heavy luggage and that can be a hassle with the airlines.

The photo equipment is expensive and no one wants it to be checked in and stolen on the way to the
photographic safari destination or any other magnificent travel destination. Therefore we like to keep it with us in the hand luggage.

A few years ago the first struggle came with the strict new measurements of the cabin luggage allowance and more recently also the weight allowance for the hand luggage. It is getting more and more difficult to keep your gear with you and not to get involved in discussions at the check in counter.

Make sure you have read the allowances for the airline you are flying with before packing your bags. Put gear like tripods, cables and chargers rather in the check in luggage. They are no electronic items and less interesting for thieves and they save you space and weight in the hand luggage. Use dark colors for you cabin baggage. It looks smaller and lighter. Make also sure your cabin luggage looks compact and organized. A messy bulky bag is not helpful. Wear a jacket with big pockets where you can put a lens, if needed to reduce the weight of your bag. Having a backpack instead of a bag can also help when it is not too bulky and big.

Your photographic adventures on
wildlife photography courses, team building photo safaris and more great photographic travel shouldn’t be overshadowed by airline stress. Anticipate to make it easier for yourself.

Happy photo travelling!

Ute Sonnenberg for