Dangerous situations on African safari

When reading “dangerous situations on African safari” one might easily think of dangerous encounters with wild animals, but we are thinking more of the two legged animal, the human being. Reminding people to be alert when traveling in Africa is of most importance to the self-drive African safari traveler.

African safari travel in general, like all travel, gets safer when being conscious of danger and being alert, if possible always. The
game drives are the least dangerous part of the safari when professionally guided. The professional safari guide knows the wildlife and is trained in animal behavior and response to critical situations, which could be an elephant charging a vehicle. Many people think, that cats like lion, leopard and cheetah are the ones to be afraid of, but they are not. Elephants, buffalo and hippo are more dangerous and more accidents happen with them. However, there is little to worry about when travelling with a professional safari guide. The self-drive safari guests should at least read about the African bush before travelling and stick to the rules they receive when entering national parks.

But what about dangerous situations on African safari caused by humans? This part is very similar to any other travel in the world and mainly of importance for self-drive safari travellers. Be
alert of tricks to distract you and steal something from your car, preferably at gas stations, junctions or other places where you will have to stop the car. Know where you are going and avoid driving at night. Don’t be a soft target. People with bad intensions sense that immediately and will take advantage. At least pretend to know what you are doing and don’t show off with expensive gadgets and jewelry. This might all sound familiar, as it could also be advice for travelling to Barcelona or any other tourist hot spot. Just keep in mind, that there is a whole industry specialized in tricking tourists, also in Africa. But most of all enjoy awesome safaris and wildlife sightings on incredible game reserves or national parks of this amazing continent.

Safe safari travel!

Ute Sonnenberg for Roho Ya Chui, Travel Africa